10/15/15-10/15/16 🍰💗
  1. I'm sorry
    Pls don't hate me
  2. I promise I will make this right.
    This will never be right.
  3. I've just been so busy with work.
    I don't have a job.
  4. And you know how hard things are with the new baby...
    My kids are 14 and 10.
  5. My brain is fried.
    It's basically a hushpuppy.
  6. I just tried to pay for my coffee with a Post-It
    This actually happened.
  7. Just know that what you have added to my life is no small thing. And even though I'm a horrible partner, being here makes me want to be better. For you. For me. For us.
  8. p.s. Next year I'm popping out of cake, okay?
  9. Static