1. Because you have had a not-so-great nights' sleep the night before
  2. And then a full day of hospital
  3. Plus today we were off isolation and we went to the game room twice, everybody.
  4. AND hospital bingo!
  5. And I had to learn how to give an new injection and I think I did okay,
  6. And I walked outside to get dinner,
  8. And even though I find the light rail/crosswalk/intersections here very confusing,
  9. And I spent a good half hour believing a pigeon had pooped on my head,
  10. The air was warm and delicious and it did me good
  11. And my child told me a few times that he was really proud of my "injection technique."
  12. And now my eyes are heavy, but my heart isn't.
  13. 😌