This work, more than any other, has spoken to me in times of loss, even if the loss is not fresh--Sisyphus Grief. Inspired by @kaitmaree and her list this morning.
  1. I did not know the work of mourning/Is like carrying a bag of cement /Up a mountain at night
  2. The mountaintop is not in sight /Because there is no mountaintop /Poor Sisyphus grief
  3. I did not know I would struggle /Through a ragged underbrush /Without an upward path
  4. Because there is no path /There is only a blunt rock /With a river to fall into
  5. And Time with its medieval chambers /Time with its jagged edges /And blunt instruments
  6. I did not know the work of mourning /Is a labor in the dark /We carry inside ourselves
  7. Though sometimes when I sleep /I am with him again /And then I wake
  8. Poor Sisyphus grief /I am not ready for your heaviness /Cemented to my body
  9. Look closely and you will see /Almost everyone carrying bags /Of cement on their shoulders
  10. That’s why it takes courage /To get out of bed in the morning /And climb into the day