1. Received numerous inquiries about her departure
    Not sure...I was driving! I don't know?! Both hands on the wheel! Mostly! 👀
  2. Spent LOTS OF TIME relaying List App news to her, like a carrier pigeon or some underpaid pony express rider from the olden days.
    Usually, Claire would be the one sending me "HAVE YOU READ THIS?!" messages, to which I would reply with bewildered emoji faces because usually I hadn't.
  3. Suggested she rejoin List App, as it would certainly make my life easier and cut down on my work load bc honestly I'm pretty busy, CLAIRE! 😘 (Kissing the void bc you won't read this)
  4. Accused her of framing me for List App murder after she told @Nicholas she was leaving @list because it was creating conflict with a real-life friend and since I'm the only friend she has....
  5. THANKS, CLAIRE. No, they don't know it wasn't me.
  6. Not appreciated how funny she thought that was.
  7. Been sad that I won't get to fulfill her list request, "Why Claire Needs A Lot of Room At This Party."
  8. Considered asking @bjnovak or @dev to create a virtual cloaking device so Claire can come back to the community, quietly observe, and depart in peace versus blowing everything up and walking away like the DieHard kitty in her old profile pic.
  9. Mostly just been glad that I have Real-Life Claire Deluxe in my corner, because she's pretty special. And, who else is going to send me these messages while also putting me on blast when she needs to?
  10. I guess all that's left to say is: Helloooo from the other siiiiiiiiiide📡☎️
  11. And I love you.