Fool me twice, etc.
  1. Staying in bed all day
    the worst
  2. Not buying groceries
  3. Cutting off all your hair
    ⬆️ no longer exists
  4. Listening to Rod Stewart
  5. See also: Roberta Flack
  6. Lying in the sun with your pant legs rolled up in makeshift bikini-bottom fashion and accepting a UPS package from this position.
    Hi, I'm crazy, where do I sign.
  7. Selling things that make you happy because maybe money will make it better
    fool! you will never be able to replace this African wax-print skirt made from real Vlisco hollandais, especially now that the market is flooded with low cost reproductions made in China
  8. Binge-watching all five seasons of Big Love because what if this sadness is somehow related to Bill Paxton
    it isn't