I'm okay, you're okay.
  1. I love flowers like it's my job. It actually was my job for a while. I was one of those people who left the city to buy a farm, raise chickens, and tend a garden that included 56 heads of cabbage. I also grew and maintained the contents of seven greenhouses. Flowers are definitely a big part of my life.
    Exhibit A: Bloom Central ⬆️
  2. But I really enjoy non-blooming plants, and all things green—maybe even more.
    Ferns, colocasia, ivy
  3. And it's okay if you do, too.
  4. Yup. Even as a former "flower girl," I still tend to stick with a green palette, and add color in bursts.
    Assorted succulents + sedums, Nectar and Co.
  5. Why? It's easy. It's soothing. And my eyes like to rest. Green lets me do this.
    Just two plants here!
  6. Big leafy pots can help anchor spaces, while allowing the beauty of your environment to be seen...
    Ferns, ipomoea, heuchera...see how this container blends in with the landscape?
  7. ...Or not seen. You decide.
    Divide-and-hide with a bamboo wall.
  8. If you're into it, foliage and grasses can work beautifully in unconventional designs—like vertical gardens.
    Be still my heart. If there's ever a Summer Camp I'll teach everyone how to do this.
  9. Or they can rock a traditional look. Take this boxwood, for instance. It's perfect here. Too formal for you?
  10. This ⬇️ is also boxwood! Paired with something tropical, boxwood gets its groove back.
    The concrete vessel helps, yes.
  11. Experiment! Depending on how they're planted, foliage-only containers can sometimes even mimic the look of flowers.
    Kind of busy for my taste...but I bet you never considered putting a hosta in a container, and that's why I'm here.
  12. The great thing about gardening is YOU'RE in charge. If you want it, there is still plenty of color to be found in the non-flowering plants department—
    Caladium, coleus, lysimachia...all very colorful.
  13. Because not all foliage is green.
    And not all heroes wear capes. Or blooms.
  14. The lesson: go ahead and ditch the flowers if you want to, and remember that gardening is about more than just colorful blossoms. You can still have a lush, statement-making garden, even without them.