Mean people pls go away
  1. There is a woman in my life who, for some reason, has it out for me. Has it in for me? I don't know which is right. Maybe neither.
    I am mentally flailing
  2. Our kids are in school together. They had a conflict. Regular stuff, nothing big.
  3. The mom isn't over it. I don't want to be unkind, but she really is a horrible, underhanded person and a terrible gossip.
  4. We had a meeting this morning in which she offered to buy me a plane ticket to leave town. WHO DOES THAT?
  5. I love making up and reconciling. I hate these kinds of situations. But she's really gotten under my skin, guys. A resolution is not in the cards.
  6. At one point in the meeting, after she said the words "I will admit, I hate you AND your daughter," I decided to give her my most intimidating stare-down. Like, I just looked deeply into her eyes and would not look away.
  7. While I did this I was also wishing with all my might that she would get struck by an actual bolt of lightning, or at least a metaphorical lightning bolt of remorse. I was also really regretting the fact that I've never been able to just raise one eyebrow.
  8. I don't think she was intimidated, but she was the first to look away.
  9. I wish it felt like more of a victory.