I keep these in my phone for when I'm hungry
  1. Toffee Squares
    My dad's classic bar cookie: blondie base topped with milk chocolate layer and crushed pecans. The ultimate indulgence. Hold me.
  2. Macaroons
    How can something be chewy and fluffy at the same time? How? And why didn't I enjoy you when I had the chance?
  3. Meringues
    Perfect, crunchy outsides. Melt-in-your-mouth insides. Oh, and I put the sprinkles on 💅🏻
  4. Jam Thumbprints
    The perfect shortbread cookie. The dollop of raspberry jam. The confectioners glaze drizzle. Why are you not here?
  5. Ginger Cookies
    Chewy and delicious. Also note my mom's hand-loomed potholder making a cameo in the corner. She makes them all winter on a loom I believe may have come from a toy catalog.
  6. Do You Even Have a Name
    Little doughy crunchy pastry pockets with homemade apricot filling. Perfect. Like little presents.
  7. Some kind of toffee-pretzel bark
    Dark chocolate, toffee, pretzels. So good but not a cookie. I don't even know why I have this photo TBH it's not like this cookie means anything to me.
  8. Not Pictured: the rugelach I never get quite enough time with. I promise it's the best you've ever had.