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  1. It's Kubica's World: You're Just Living In It
  2. Started From The Bottom Now We Here: The Chris Kubica Story
  3. Ways Chris Turns YOU On +
  4. Ten Best Shots of Chris Admiring Our Collarbones
  5. Heavy Is The Crown: The Mixed Blessings of List App Fame
  6. Forearms On Fleek: This Patagonia Hoodie Never Had It So Good 🔥
  7. Women Who Have Written Lists About Chris:
  8. Women Who Wish Chris Would List About Them:
  9. No, That Wasn't Chris In Front of You at LAX: He is WAY Handsomer
  10. Chris's REAL Identity in Five Words: A Precious Gift From Heaven
  11. Chris Kubica, More Than Just A Pretty Face:
  12. Why Chris is a Superior Lover:
  13. THANK YOU, CHRIS: A Space For You To Write About How He's Changed Your Life+
  14. How Chris Kubica's Coffee Date With @bjnovak Is Better Than Your Coffee Date With Your Grandma LOL:
  15. Chris's List App Book Exchange: Why Yes, I'd Like to See The Private Stacks
  16. My Point For Point Response For How I Meet Or Exceed Chris's Turn On Requirements Per His List:
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  17. Suggest Your Name Below if Chris Has Boned You And It Was Fun: +
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  18. Chris's Kinky Fantasies That I Would Gladly Take Part In
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  19. What I Would Do For a @ChrisK Re-List
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