1. I started writing this last night but was so exhausted I had to stop midway.
    Hyper-vigilance is tiring
  2. I don't know how to describe what I have seen in the last 24 hours. How can my own street be above water, while a few blocks away, people are being rescued by the National Guard?
  3. A preschool student at my children's school had to climb out of her kitchen window—above the sink—to get out of the house. The water came in so fast that she and her grandmother knew they could not get to the door in time, so they crawled out the window and jumped into the waist-deep water outside.
  4. We are—as of right now, safe and dry. My house did not flood. The coulee was the highest it's ever been, but it continued to flow, and by the time it got dark, the water had receded by about three feet.
  5. Homes along bayous or on the river were not so lucky. Most of them spent the day watching, waiting, and preparing for the worst.
    This picture was taken yesterday afternoon by a friend who lives on Bayou Teche.
  6. My little friend here and his three siblings lost their house. Their dad is out of work due to the local downturn in the oil industry. They had no flood insurance.
  7. "It's just stuff," one friend said.
    But it's more than that.
  8. Another friend and her family went to bed on the second floor of her house only after moving every piece of furniture onto blocks. She took this photo around midnight, knowing how close it was.
    She took food and medical supplies upstairs, not sure what they all would wake up to.
  9. I almost rented a house in this neighborhood. It's right on the river. That is the river. In someone's house.
  10. This is a few miles away—thankfully, I believe the house is vacant.
  11. Where my parents usually stay when they visit.
  12. When it floods, certain trees like Water Oaks will fall over. We heard this go down late yesterday afternoon.
  13. There is devastation, but there are also beautiful rescue stories.
  14. ❤️
  15. People working around the clock.
  16. And the rain has stopped.
  17. Thank you for your concern and kindness. I am lucky to have accidentally elected to live in the neighborhood with the highest elevation in the city. A whopping 36 feet above sea level.