something that happened
  1. •
    Drive-Through Barista: Good morning, what can I get started for you today?
  2. •
    Me: Hi, I'd like one chocolate croissant and one tall latte, please.
  3. •
    DTB: Alright, that's one almond Mochasippi®, will there be anything else?
  4. •
    Me: Wait- I didn't order a Mochasippi®
  5. •
    DTB: Well, a Mochasippi® is SORT of like a Frapuccino®, except—
  6. •
    Me: Yes, but I didn't want a Frapuccino®
  7. •
    DTB: Okaaaaay... but do you still want the Mochasippi®?
  8. •
    Me: 😶
  9. •
    DTB: Hello?
  10. •
    Me: Um, can I switch people? Like, is there another person with a headset there? This is feeling really complicated.