I wrote this list about a month ago because I knew she'd want to remember it.
  1. You started with an ice cream cone for breakfast. Then you used a hammer to crack open some geodes. Then you had the bright idea to invite a friend to go swimming. And then, you had an epic summer day:
  2. Four hours at the pool with your best friend, complete with a picnic, and innertubes, and spare change for Sour Straws from the snack bar.
  3. You had an air-conditioned house to come home to, a dark basement in which to build a blanket fort, and OH MY GOODNESS CAN MATTIE JANE SPEND THE NIGHT, MOMMY?
  4. There was dinner made by someone else (your Pop), then a walk to the library to check out a movie. Afterward, a bike ride to the Eskimo Queen for ice cream cones. So what if your bike pedal fell off en route, it just added to the excitement. Especially since it was just you two, and you had to figure out what to do.
  5. Later, you watched a movie underneath an ancient quilt in my old bed. And, of course, Mattie spent the night.❤️
  6. The next morning: scooters, wagons, crafting, makeovers. All on your own.
  7. And then you went creeking. You swam and looked at critters. You used the word "exoskeleton."
  8. And then you went to the pool again.
  9. And then the most amazing thing of childhood happened which is MJ spent a SECOND night.
  10. And then I lost track of the nights and giggles and sunscreen and little feet running in and out of the house. It was just a happy blur.
  11. Someday you will wonder: WHY IS GROWING UP A THING?
  12. I don't know the answer. But eat it up, child. Eat it up, because these are the mother-trucking days.