a highlight reel
  1. Okay?
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  2. She found her dad taking a nap in her bed. It was "a little weird, but not a lot."
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  3. Reserving the right to change her mind. FOR NOW.
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  4. Reflections on 2013
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    "I took a trip to Cedar Point. I bit my fingernails. I did not exercise on the trampoline."
  5. A cry for help
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  6. "This is what will happen if you touch a snake."
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    She left this on my bed, and it was super freaky bc I kept waiting for something to happen.
  7. On the kitchen floor. Never saw a dime.
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  8. I don't think she was *really* sorry.
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  9. Ham and cheese or nah?
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  10. The old "Kefir vs. Candy" dilemma.
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  11. Underneath that paper is a casserole I made.
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  12. Bottom right corner
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    "Be lucky if you even get a ticket." I was out really late one night this summer and came home to find she had posted similar signs all over my room.
  13. Again with the not talking. And of course we can start the day over.
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  14. Then she got an iPod.
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  15. She still writes notes, though. ❤️
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