My List App Valentine ❤️
  1. There is a little girl, who has a little curl, right in the middle of her...
  2. Eyelash.
  3. Seriously though have you seen her lashes? The brows? Her face is a work of art.
  4. Even more of a treasure, though? Her mind.
  5. So many thoughts. Puns on puns on puns.
  6. Oh--this is a Valentine, by the way.
  7. This is a list for someone who has a complicated history with Breathe Right Strips.
  8. A greeting for the girl who ranked her favorite teas,
  9. Who has picked the most perfect cat names,
  10. And who loves certain books so much she wants to eat them.
  11. Dear Person To Whom I Address This List:
  12. Thank you for so graciously writing about loneliness. Where did you find all those words? When did you get inside my head? And do you know how important you are?
  13. I'll give you a one-word hint: VERY.
  14. So:
  15. This Valentine's Day, @federmonster , may you hear all your favorite songs.
  16. May your your world be scented with campfire and orange blossoms.
  17. And may you open a box of cereal and find it full of just the charms.
  18. You deserve it. ❤️