Inspired by @dev's lovely lists about Topanga's Nextdoor Feed, though somewhat less...inspiring. #louisianavibes
  1. "Anyone lose a parrot?"
  2. "Bee swarm on the move!"
  3. -Various updates on the carjacking-
    Two blocks away; had I been home at the time I could have waved to him as he drove past.
  4. "Who out there has a megaphone I can borrow?"
  5. "Three sacks of crawfish for $200, must prepay to reserve."
  6. "What's burning?"
  7. "Looking for someone to iron 30 tablecloths"
  8. "Okay, so who else has called the cops about the drag racing SO ANNOYING UGH!"
  9. "Anyone know where I can get some good tamales?"
  10. FYI: someone stole my tires last night.