travel eats that won't make you regret being born
  1. Moon Cheese
    Crunchy cheese? Surely you jest!
  2. OLoves
    Little packs of savory goodness.
  3. Pumpkin Seeds
    Crunchy, salty, confusing. Do I eat the shells or nah?
  4. Some sort of portable sandwich.
    Maybe a wrap? Maybe a pressed sandwich? I'm not sure, I just know the toppings should not spill out all over you, creating havoc on your travel garments.
  5. Fizzy Water
    Crushed ice for bonus points
  6. Korean Barbecue Jerky
    I ate $19 worth of this jerky in four days—and, given the opportunity, I'd do it again.
  7. Kettle Chips
    Something about the crunchy/savory category...I am powerless before thee
  8. Iced Coffee.
    You have to stay awake!
  9. A crunchy veggie, but only if it's cold.
    Don't come at me with a limp pepper strip.
  10. Chocolate covered almonds.
    These seem healthy.
  11. Peaches from a roadside stand.
    Support the local economy by letting the juice drip down your chin and onto the steering wheel.
  12. If things get really bad, a giant fountain drink.
    Probably Dr. Pepper®.
  13. And, of course, the Request and Dedication radio station...
    Not a snack and yet it nourishes.