Presents are my jam--here are some of the stand-outs.
  1. Typewriter
    For a budding list-maker. Don't spend a fortune; Goodwill and Craigslist have them on the reg. Just make sure it works, and buy replacement ribbon before you think you'll need it because SOMEONE DOESN'T LIKE TO WAIT.
  2. Custom Silhouettes
    Hand-cut by me! Or you! This isn't difficult, but if you can't take the photos yourself, you may need to enlist the assistance of another sneaky adult.
  3. Long-Lost Photos of My Grandfather + Memorabilia from his days as a Motown Disc Jockey
    A gift for my father...I scoured eBay and bought everything I could find--and it was all stuff he had never seen before! There were tears--but the best part was, later that day, how excited he was to show/share with his sisters. ❤️
  4. Tower of Charitable Donations-BEST GIFT EVER!
    For big-hearted people who "don't need anything." I chose 12 charities I knew my mother would want to support & gave a small donation (under $20) to each. I purchased these nesting gift boxes from Container Store & in each one put a slip of paper detailing the gift & its impact (Two Hot Meals for a Homebound Senior Citizen, One Box of Nails to Adapt a Disabled Veteran's Home, etc). Inspiration here:
  5. Faron Young's Dee Cee Western Shirt
    For my friend who's a fan of the vintage Honky Tonk Scene, and in particular, this artist. I tracked this down from a museum in Texas that happened to be dismantling their collection and won it in an online auction, ON HIS BIRTHDAY, while we had dinner together. I pretended I was using the bathroom but was really sweating out the last few minutes of a very intense bidding war. eBay is a great source for this type of obscure gift. **not the shirt pictured here but that would have been AWESOME**
  6. Sparkly Boots
    For a young lady who adores the glitter. It has been my experience that most all little girls will LOVE one super-sparkly statement gift. My kid wore these boots until she busted out of the heels and the glitter had all but rubbed off.
  7. Vintage Copy of a Favorite Book
    Easy. Example: there are lots of old copies floating around of the epic "Evangeline," I chose this for its unique size and illustrations. I also found some vintage Longfellow playing cards to tie to the package. 👌🏽
  8. Extravagant Food Gifts
    Just a ton of ice cream, and Jeni's is the best. I've given AND received and trust me, NO COMPLAINTS, ever.
  9. The One That Got Away
    Remember when he told you about that time he was a kid and REALLY wanted to send away for the KISS necklace but wasn't allowed to because his parents thought KISS was just an acronym for Kids In Satan's Service? Well, it's not. Track down that dream and make it come true. This gift is infinitely adaptable; you just have to pay attention.