As in ⏰⌛️RIGHT right now, @mlb
  1. My kids have been asleep since 8:30.
  2. The kitchen is clean and I feel a little bit on the ball. Like, maybe not **on top** of the ball, but on the side, hanging on with all my might and feeling like I have a chance.
  3. I am sipping a hot toddy, watching some mindless television, and enjoying my own company--all in the glow of my Christmas tree.
  4. I did something hard today. I published a very personal list--and I feel okay. All of that--what I wrote about--is very close to the bone for me, and I don't always like to talk about it. That I felt safe doing so here is a testament to the environment @dev and @bjnovak have created. Thanks, fellas.
  5. And, finally, JUST THIS SECOND I am visualizing a sort-of s'more I could create with a few bare bones ingredients in the back of my pantry. Yes!