Requested by T.T.


Thanks for the request, @TT
  1. Alice In Chains
  2. Alice In Wonderland
  3. Allison who has one glass of wine and suddenly needs to document her eyebrows.
  4. "Alison" by Elvis Costello
    Nine out of ten people sing this song to me at some point in our relationship.
  5. Allison, who sat directly in front of me in Journalism class and "danced" on the weekends. One Saturday night, a guy whose name I vaguely knew, called and asked if I could come out to his house "to work" a party he was throwing. I could hear lots of people in the background.
  6. "I think you want The Other Allison," I said, and hung up.
    And then I went back to playing Scattergories with my parents.