Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. It was a sunny day.
  2. I was just a toddler.
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  3. We were still living in the country, in the old red house with the pond out on Crottinger Road.
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  4. My mother was working in the flower beds around the house.
  5. I was right beside her the entire morning,
  6. Until one moment, when I wasn't.
  7. The pond! Was my mom's first thought.
  8. The pond! Every parents' worst nightmare.
  9. But when she came around the corner— by now, running,
  10. She saw the rain barrel, full of water
  11. And my little feet sticking out of the top,
  12. Like in a cartoon.
  13. Curious, I had climbed up
  14. And fallen in, head-first.
  15. My mother pulled me out,
  16. And I was fine.
  17. But she knew
  18. (she will tell you),
  19. That for the rest of her life,
  20. She was going to have to keep one eye on me.
  21. And the next year, we moved to town.
  22. p.s. look back at the drawing and you will see the rain barrel.