Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. In high school, I struggled with being on time every day. Any day.
  2. I was always trying to win radio call-in contests, or waiting for the WHOLE SONG to finish playing while my sister sat in her car, fuming. I just didn't want to miss anything.
  3. Sometimes I would yell apologetically out my bedroom window to where she waited in the driveway below. Other times, I'd pretend not to hear her honking the horn and just go about my business, which was usually lip-syncing.
  4. I was very inconsiderate.
  5. One year, on St. Patrick's Day, there was a contest to call in and sing the song "Oh, Danny Boy." You could win theatre tickets and a restaurant gift certificate and some other things I was too young to appreciate.
  6. But-I knew the song! Including the verses!
  7. So, I called in, sang the entire thing on air, and won!
  8. Meanwhile, my sister left without me.
  9. I was really late.
  10. When I went to the office to sign in, I explained what I'd been doing.
  11. "We know," my principal yelled from his desk, around the corner. "We all heard you."
  12. Even so, they had to punish me. I had been late too many other times. And I forget why exactly, but the usual consequence of attending Saturday School was no longer on the table. Instead, I had to...
  14. Don't get me wrong-I like cleaning. But our janitor, Jessie, could talk the horns off a billygoat. Five minutes of conversation with her felt like an eternity.
    INFP right here. 🤓
  15. The few hours I spent following her around the building...feather-dusting, dry-mopping, and listening to her every thought weren't horrible.
  16. But they were exhausting.
  17. I'd like to say I was never late again, but that would be a lie.
  18. It was, however, the last time I won a radio contest.