Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. It's a process.
  2. I'd begin by faking my way through a very brief tap-dancing routine, and even though my moves might be a little unpolished, the singing would be perfect and feature improvised lyrics reflecting the gravity of your current emotional state. You'd laugh in spite of yourself, but we'd both know you weren't done yet.
  3. These things take time. ⏳
  4. So you wouldn't rush. And you'd understand, just from being my friend, that OF COURSE we don't have to talk about it. Not unless you want to.
  5. There might be tears, and that's fine. You also might need space--so I'd create for you a bed-nest on the couch and then fade into the background, occasionally reappearing to turn your pillow to the cool side, or kiss your forehead. Each case is different.
  6. We'd probably go for a walk at some point. Coffee would happen, along with plenty of gallows humor. You'd say something morose, and even though a sad trombone would be in order, I wouldn't dare. Too cliché.
  7. At some point on our walk, we'd see something that would make us smile or groan at the exact same moment. We wouldn't acknowledge it out loud--still, I'd be able to tell that your faith in humanity had been rekindled.
  8. ⏰The critical moment. This is when you need a professional--when most people blow it. ‼️
  9. Because instead of piling on some cheesy platitudes about how everything's going to be okay, this is when I'd tease you a little bit. Just enough for you to know that this wasn't EVER about me feeling sorry for you. I was giving you a little break from your feelings, is all. You're still kind of a pain in the ass. ❤️ And, obviously, my favorite.
  10. You might get mad at first, but then you'd remember you had a little fight left in you. And this--this is the thing that would cheer you up. That little fight. 💪 That fire. 🔥
  11. In the end, you saved yourself.
  12. Wasn't that nice?
  13. Now, promise to do it for me.