One more thing.
  1. Dear B.J. and Dev,
  2. Never ever forget that you made this happen.
  3. You built a space where, for the most part, people appreciated and honored and learned alongside each other.
  4. You created a format that made the task of telling our stories seem...doable. Within reach. You made us writers. Or, I should say, you gave us space to BE the writers we've always been. You let us bite off a little at a time, and that was just the right amount.
  5. I know not everyone used the app this way, but it was like this for me: List allowed me to get outside my head. It helped me notice the world. I woke up to my life a little more. It was like all the best parts of journaling, and note-taking, and bullet-points, but with the added bonuses of feedback, friendship, and perspective. I learned here.
  6. This wasn't a perfect space. But it had a lot of heart. And, I never, this entire time, received a single nude.
    Last week, though, I did send @sally pics of my horrible bug bites.
  7. Thank you for trying something grand. You did it—this thing here...
  8. and we won't forget.