Because some of you still have time to go to the store--and thank you for the request, @ashsevans!
  1. Start with an Evol Street Taco.
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    I'm partial to the Sweet Potato/Black Bean/Goat Cheese Variety. Gluten-free & Vegetarian, in case those apply.
  2. Prepare according to package directions.
    I find I need a little more time than what is listed on the box. And-don't forget to thaw your salsa!
  3. In the meantime, make some eggs.
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    Two should be fine. I make mine "over medium" and I fry them in real butter because YOLO.
  4. While the eggs are going, grab a plate and those hearted-up tacos.
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    You are about to dismantle them. Warning: they don't look super appetizing at this point.
  5. Eggs are done, it's time to layer.
    "Unfold" one taco, and spread the filling over the tortilla. Top with one egg. Repeat with the other taco and egg. Your order should be: tortilla/filling/egg/tortilla/filling/egg. The tortillas might stiffen up a little bit this is okay!
  6. Top with your salsa packet.
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    I use the salsa provided and whatever other salsas I happen to have on hand. You can also add Crema Mexicana, pepitas, lime, or whatever garnishes sound good to you!
  7. Alternate version:
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    Scramble the eggs, don't dismantle, and you have breakfast tacos!