1. ...was really grateful that the pogo stick came preassembled.
  2. ...tried to get a picture with Winnie but she was a blur in every last one.
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  3. ...filled my plate with food at dinner, took one bite, and then before even sitting down got back in line right away because it was so delicious. So, basically, I ate my first plate while in line for my second plate. My dad's brisket =🔥 His rugelach = 🔥🔥
  4. ...during "O, Come All Ye Faithful," sang with extra exuberance and then mimed a mic drop to make my sister laugh, cueing side-eye from my 91-year old grandmother--who, incidentally, taught me everything I know about singing AND being up to no good.
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  5. ...received a tap on my shoulder followed by a REALLY loud whisper "Mommy I'm pretty sure I had WAY TOO MANY BEANS AT DINNER!"
  6. ...raided my mom's basement for an extra Christmas tree to distract my kids from the fact that they only have two gifts each to open.
  7. ...set up the tree so we can have our own little family Christmas before joining my sister's family on the main level.
  8. ...also found some light-up figurines and a rug and I think the kids are going to be so excited because earlier today this was just a regular room and now it's a magical fairy land.
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  9. ...remembered this photo from LAST year's bowling outing. I was obviously in a much more festive state of mind that day.
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  10. ...am spent and would like to put this on my list: five hours of sleep. At least. 🙏🏼