1. Get in my pocket.
  2. It's so good to hear your voice.
  3. I love being your friend.
  4. Come over here and hug me.
  5. You are the first person I wanted to tell, because I knew you'd know just what to say.
  6. I want to sit beside you.
  7. Would you like me to bring you a hot fudge sundae?
  8. I don't care what we do, I'm just happy to be with you.
  9. I could sop you up with a biscuit.
  10. You are a treasure.
  11. ______________ made me think of you and I just wanted you to know.
  12. You're scrappy. You can do it.
  13. I believe you will land on your feet.
  14. Being with you last night made my whole today better.
  15. I've never met anyone like you.
  16. You're so great at what you do.
  17. I like your style.
  18. Please let me know when you get home safe.
  19. No you're not crazy, you're human.
  20. My life needed you in it.