structured self-expression in tha 🏡
  1. He works largely with combat veterans--and, strangely, me.
  2. He pays attention to my facial expressions and says this is probably the #1 way he has learned "who Allison really is."
  3. He refuses to acknowledge that his colleague in the adjacent office is smoking 🌾 all day, even though I make a point to dramatically inhale and say "hold on, contact high" whenever I walk in the door for my appointment.
  4. After our sessions, he looks like he's aged a few years. I used to feel bad about this, but now I just look at it as a sign that he's doing his job/I'm getting my money's worth.
  5. When I make any sort of breakthrough, his eyes get all shiny and proud-like. ❤️
  6. At our session a few weeks ago, when he asked me the dreaded question, "Do YOU think you are difficult to love?" and I responded by doing a whole body shudder-sob and putting my hands over my face, he didn't say anything.
  7. And then from behind my hands, when I whispered, "Maybe? But there is also something really important I have to tell you. It's not about me being difficult to love. It's just that...I know you don't look at the news during the day. But you should know...Prince died. The singer. I'm sorry," he didn't redirect me.
    He just went ahead and allowed me to derail our session with a conversation about the tragic passing of the Greatest Rock-and-Pop Musician of Our Time. And then I walked out, through the weed cloud.