😭 I brought this on myself 😭
  1. Premise: let's say you read an article and feel just the tiniest bit upset by the piling-on that's happening in the comments below.
  2. Like, do you 874 commenters even KNOW THIS GUY you're demonizing with your sassy/judgy comments?
    This doesn't seem like a very fair shake.
  3. So you post a "halt" response, which contains some factual errors because it's before 8:00 am, you have low blood sugar, and it turns out you actually know nothing about punitive damages. Still, at the heart of your comment is this message: let's not be assholes.
    What were you even thinking?!
  4. And then...
  5. 💣
  6. 💣
  7. 💣
  8. 💣
  9. And you can't figure out how to delete your post so you send an S.O.S. to your sister:
  10. And you're reminded of all the times you tried to be a vigilante for justice and it backfired...
    But then you also remember how your mom would pull over whenever she saw that little kid Jesse Hunter getting beat up after school. The tires would squeal, she'd put it in park and run out of the car right into the dust cloud, picking the bullies off of him like fleas. And he was the dirtiest kid, and kind of mean himself, but it wasn't right how people treated him, and that's why she did it. Sidenote: my big sister's outfit vs. mine
  11. So you probably do just have to delete your Facebook account.
    Really, though, Facebook has just become a way for people you haven't spoken with in fifteen years to send you messages asking what happened to your husband. And between this and the mean strangers, and all the happy birthdays you forget to wish people...bye.