1. Raise your hand if you like Marc Brown.
    If you don't know who Marc Brown is, look around and make sure you are still on earth.
  2. Ok, fine! Marc Brown is the creator of Arthur, the beloved children's book character and star of a five-time Emmy Award-winning TV show. Arthur is an aardvark; Marc Brown is an author, illustrator, producer, and all-around nice guy.
  3. My kids and I are big fans. When we found out he was coming to our local library, we were the first people to emotionally sign up.
    There were no actual sign-ups, you just went. But our hearts were invested, believe me.
  4. So invested, in fact, that when we pulled in the parking lot and saw him walking into the library before the event, I slammed on my brakes and yelled out the car window, MARC BROWN WE LOVE YOU!
    It was my first experience in fan-girling.
  5. One of my small humans got to emcee his presentation, probably d/t our obvious excitement. I was a little nervous because he had just gotten an accidental Lloyd Christmas haircut.
    But did this stop him from volunteering for the job? No, it did not. Yay for confidence.
  6. Here is Marc Brown getting down to kid level so he can better explain something about his creative process. Or his childhood. Or his farm animals.
    Love you, MB.
  7. And here's the inspiration for one of his characters, Mr. Ratburn!
    Love you, Mr. Ratburn.
  8. After the presentation, he signed books and I contemplated asking him out for ice cream.
    But then I thought he might be tired. So we went without him. 💅🏻
  9. After everyone left, he drew us this giant Arthur, which now hangs on my living room wall.
    I had to have it cut down to a reasonable size because framing things is expensive!
  10. And...that's what happened when we met Marc Brown!
    ⬆️ That beanie-wearing mind guide, tho.