1. You always sort of knew...
  2. But he was getting straight A's!
  3. He was compensating.
  4. He was fooling everyone, and it worked.
  5. Until it didn't.
  6. This is the most important money you will ever spend.
  7. He is going to learn to read. And understand what he reads. And spell, although the lady said spelling will always be a struggle.
  8. "He must be a pretty bright boy to have gotten this far."
    This makes you cry. Because you already know.
  9. $75 an hour is worth it. Two hours a week. It's worth it. $600 a month. It's worth it.
  10. You will find the money.
  11. You will sell everything. Your child will read—really read.
  12. He won't have to have a secret.
  13. He will feel taller.
  14. He will be lighter.
  15. He will be able to put words to all that is in his heart. Words on paper.
  16. And you will find the money.
  17. And he will not have a secret.
  18. And you are not a bad mother.
  19. And this—this knowing, is a gift.