Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Being out with my friend--
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  2. Feeling the stare-down from the guys across the room. Is this what it's like on the East Side?
  3. Doing our best to ignore them, since we don't mess with crazy.
  4. Finally getting up to leave because it's not worth the trouble.
  5. But before we do, he grabs me close and whispers in my ear:
  6. "If anything happens, and the police come, you have to tell them that YOU felt threatened. Make it's clear to whoever is here in a uniform, that it was YOU, the lovely white woman. That you were scared. And that I was just trying to protect you."
  7. After all this time, I am still naive. We rarely talk about these things. "We don't have to leave," I say. "I'm not scared of those assholes."
  8. "I am," he says. "A little. But the only one who matters here is you. So, when it comes down to it, make me a hero, babe, and save my life." Then he winks and we walk out, hand-in-hand into the summer night.