When grocery shopping becomes too intimate. TOO FAR, John Mackey!
  1. I'll believe it when I see it. I mean feel it.
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  2. I'm all for striking while the iron's hot, but...whenever? WHENEVER?! Of course you'd say "whenever." Pig.
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  3. Step away from my Cycle.
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  4. Nice play on words, WF. But also super-creepy because what I *really* want is some toast, not your love-child.
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  5. *I'm* fine with my melons, maybe it's you who wants more?
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  6. Stop with the seeds, already. And B.T. dubs, "seeded spelt" sounds a little Old Testament-y and also really uncomfortable.
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  7. Speaking of uncomfortable, ⬆️ can we not?
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