it's out of love, i know it is
  1. It's because back in October, when I first got here,
    pretty much exactly how it happened
  2. I wrote this one list that was, like....very simple, and about my life.
  3. And yet, people really went nuts for it
  4. And I know lots of y'all have been talking about your phones blowing up with new followers. But in the span of a few hours,
  5. This happened.
  6. And, eventually, this.
  7. It was exciting but also freaky and I actually turned off my phone for the night because I am a delicate creature and needed time to process my newfound fame.
    Who am I?
  8. Somehow, @bj and @dev and @Nicholas could sense this about me.
  9. My delicateness.
  10. So they made a group decision to keep me safe.
  11. Protected from the stress of too many followers.
    Can you hear me?
  12. Like Rapunzel, in a tower.
  13. They still let me list from the tower (/bubble), obviously.
    They even let me "trend."
  14. But only if I wear this dress.
  15. I won't wear the wig, though.
    Too far, guys. Too far.
  16. So, anyway, in case you wondered.
  17. This is for my own protection.
  18. Because....Li.st Cares™