Drink every time...
  1. Miley Cyrus references weed.
    We get it. You know Snoop Dogg.
  2. Miley Cyrus references her own breasts.
    I guess it's fun that you found unicorn pasties, but let's move on.
  3. Someone says Fetty Wap.
    I think it's a pan Asian dish, but no one really knows.
  4. Taylor Swift raps in her seat.
    Because she will try.
  5. There is an outfit everyone will definitely try to emulate for Halloween.
    We can do better than a teddy bear leotard, right?
  6. Kanye says the word genius.
    He's getting an award, so I look forward to he 20 minute speech thanking himself.
  7. The camera pans to one of the Kardashians texting.
    Isn't everyone you know in the same room?
  8. Anyone says the word dope.
    Any context at all.
  9. The censors miss a curse by a hair.
  10. You don't know who the actor/singer/personality on stage.
    Because, frankly you're too old for this.