Walk with me down memory lane...in nearly random order.
  1. A fairy princess
    But my mom made me wear a coat so you couldn't see my wings and costume sucked! Thanks mom.
  2. A cat
  3. A hip hop girl
    Because when you're 6 and from Long Island rainbow suspenders= thug life
  4. A cat
  5. A witch
  6. A doctor
    When your dad has a stethoscope you use it. And then you trip on it.
  7. Cleopatra
  8. Probably a cat
  9. I think I had a hula skirt and some point and though it would be dope to use it.
  10. A witch
  11. Little red riding hood
    You have to find a use for that really ugly plaid skirt you bought from Lohmann's on a whim, so you buy a hood.
  12. A Jets Player dressed as a mouse for a Halloween
  13. A ninja turtle
    Using a tshirt from Target and another old tshirt to fashion a mask
  14. A skinny vanilla latte
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    This may have been the best thing I've ever done.