This is assuming you have a one day park hopper for both parks.
  1. TIP
    If you are in a group - send only 1 runner with all of the tickets. It takes too much time trying to wait for everyone to weave in and out of the crowd. While one person is grabbing the fastpasses, the group can wait in standby for a nearby ride.
  2. Get there before the park opens
    Disney CA may open a bit later than Disneyland. But if you really want to ride Radiator Springs Racers - head over to CA adventure first!
  3. Carsland Fastpass
    Briskly walk over to a Bugs Land near the "it's tough to be a bug" theater to get your Fast Pass.
  4. World of Color
    If you choose to watch WOC over the fireworks grab your fastpass over by Grizzly River Run on your way back out
  5. Head into Disneyland
    Decide at the moment if you want to ride Space Mountain or Indiana Jones.
  6. Space Mountain
    Briskly walk to the fast pass area and retrieve your tickets
  7. Ride Nearby Rides
    Suggestions: astro blasters, Matterhorn, or Star Tours (although this one may need a fast pass since there are new additions to the ride)
  8. TIP
    Keep track of the times on your fastpasses! They're only good within the given time frames!
  9. Get on Space Mountain!
    After you've ridden the nearby rides - head on over to space mountain for your return time!
  10. Briskly walk to Indiana Jones
    Grab your fastpass in the area in between The Jungle Cruise and just before the entrance to Indiana Jones
  11. Check your time for Radiator Springs
    If your return time is approaching - head over to carsland and ride it!
  12. Grab a quick snack before heading back to Disneyland
    I recommend getting the snacks at the cozy cone! Chill here until it's time for your Indiana Jones return time
  13. Ride Indiana Jones
    Redeem your fast pass and enjoy!
  14. Big Thunder Mountain
    Grab a fastpass just before the line entrance!
  15. Ride Pirates of the Caribbean
    20 minutes to rest your legs and take a nap!
  16. Grab a churro and chill.
    Check out frontierland and New Orleans square! Take this time to get some selfies and pictures before your return time approaches
  17. Ride thunder mountain
  18. Splash Mountain
    Grab a fastpass next to the exit of haunted mansion
  19. Ride the Haunted Mansion
  20. Fantasyland
    If it's not time for your return time after riding haunted mansion - ride some of the rides in fantasyland!
  21. Ride Splash Mountain
  22. Decide if you want to stay in Disneyland or head over to CA Adventure
  23. California Screaming
    If you chose the latter, grab a fastpass near the entrance of the ride
  24. Stand in line for Toy Story Mania
    This one tends to be a longer wait. Grab something to snack on!
  25. Ride California Screaming
  26. Tower of Terror
    Grab a fastpass across the "street" from the hotel
  27. Animation Studios
    Best chill spot. Learn to draw, do some voice overs, or just sit!
  28. Watch parades or shows
  29. Ride tower of terror
    You've knocked out most of the rides! Most likely before 4pm! Now you can take your time picking a choosing what you'd like to do next!