1. Buy new underwear
    Probably more on the practical side - ain't no one going to see my underoos
  2. Invest in a fluffy white comforter
    So I can take Instagram pictures on it, duh.
  3. Get a small tattoo
    I made a promise that I'd get a tattoo once I had a job...preferably something tied to Disney
  4. Pick up a cool hobby
    Karate? Finally learn to play the drums? Singing lessons? Snake charming?
  5. Work out more
    Because I want to take one of those Transformation Tuesday pictures one day. My only motivation tbh.
  6. Eat wiser
    Eating healthy but knowing when to treat myself from time to time.
  7. Be more confident
    I want to be at the point where I can do something deemed embarrassing and just say IDGAF.
  8. Love myself
  9. Stop obsessing over trying to find "The One"
    That energy could be spent on loving myself
  10. Be a better friend and family member
    Now that I kind of got the work balance down, I would like to be there more for my family and friends
  11. Be comfortable doing and going places by myself and enjoy it
  12. Read more
  13. Keep clean and organized