Thanks for the request, @bjnovak
  1. I have no middle name. Just two super common names. Both my brothers have middle names, I don't know what my mother's problem is.
  2. I've been to Neverland. As in Michael Jackson's house. Between allegations. It. Was. Glorious.
  3. I've broken roughly half of my fingers and toes, an ankle, and a wrist. Two jock brothers and a "hands off" parenting policy will have that effect.
  4. I like to climb things. This seems related, but I have yet to fall off/out of a ________.
  5. I've never had a nosebleed.
  6. Have moved coast to coast 4 times. We have mutual friends, I promise.
  7. Once ran into an ex's ex (my predecessor) on top of a mountain in the Swiss Alps. We got along great until she figured out who I was.
  8. I make things for the radio and the TV and the theeatah. Sometimes they are true things, and sometimes they are made up things.
  9. Just last week I ate chili-lime crickets. A handful of 'Em.
  10. I once paid for an NYC cab in Tanzanian dollars.
  11. There is another Allison Davis who is also black (not many black Allisons) also a writer, lives in my neighborhood in Brooklyn, and also used to live in SF. We get each other's fan mail a LOT. Once, a boss accidentally e-mailed her, and she had to fwd it to me, like, "you should get on this".
  12. I have an irrational fear of being vomited on.