1. People I've slept with. Obviously, right? That was the first thing we all thought of? Ok yeah no me neither.
  2. People who rolled their eyes at me today
  3. Ways I'm fucking up aka things to talk to my therapist about on Thursday
  4. Wildly misinterpreted song lyrics (my own)
  5. Lies I told at work this week
  6. Words that some dude rapping on the Lafayette C train platform somehow successfully rhymed with"south" (#1: motherfucker)
  7. Drake? I dunno, seems like there's something there.
  8. Great restaurants, or whatever.
  9. Phrases only overheard in a black beauty salon
  10. Things I don't need that the AT&T rep tried to sell me when activating my phone
  11. Shit. As in, list. A shit list. Already too complicated.
  12. Thinly veiled guilt trips via text message from my mom
  13. That's that shit I don't like
  14. That's that shit I do like
  15. Fantasy pet names