How could anyone not love working in retail?
  1. Me: "Are you interested in joining our rewards program?" Person: "I have the best friend in the whole world: Jesus Christ."
  2. "I'm shopping for my mom, and she has big boobs like you. Do you think she'd like this cardigan?"
  3. "You know that a robot could replace you in your job, right? It'll probably happen soon."
  4. "My son is about this tall," *gestures height* "and this big." *gestures width* "What size would he wear?"
  5. "Do you have any baseball gloves?"
    Side note: the store where I work sells business casual clothing.
  6. "This sign says that these shirts are $10. What does that mean?"
  7. *Receipt accidentally slides off of counter* "Why so windy?!"
  8. Person: "Are you ashamed of yourself for putting these prices up and calling it a sale?" Me: "I don't decide the prices, sir." Person: "Well, you should still be ashamed of yourself."
  9. "Are these the only shitty jeans you have?"
  10. Person: "What do you do with your life besides this?" Me: "I'm applying for grad school to get my Master's in Psychology." Person: "You know majoring in Psychology is just a waste of your time and money, right? My kids picked useless majors too."