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In order from most recently watched to least🤓❤️
  1. New Girl
    Caught up. favorite show. I am Jessica Day. End of story.
  2. Doctor Who
    Caught up. Obsessed. Opened my eyes to so many new worlds: British television, Sci-fi, British Sci-fi. It's a great time.
  3. Once Upon A Time
    Caught up. Confused. I only still watch because I'm super curious and emotionally attached to the characters😅
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For the past I don't know, 20 years of my life people have expected me to date. Seriously, from when I was 5 and I was asked if there wet any cute boys in my class, I always shook my head and pointedly changed the subject. I went into high school and the endless expectant question never stopped, have you been seeing anyone? NO. The answer is no.
  1. I have AMAZING friends that I love.
    I always have plans, I always have someone to call when I'm sad, I always have people who listen to me and love me, they are more than enough emotional support and social interaction💯👌🏼
  2. I don't plan on getting married anytime soon anyway.
    Why should I be stressed about entering into a stressful long term relationship when I am young and still trying to figure out my own individual person, without the hassle of another equally confused young adult to deal with?
  3. I can do it all by myself.
    This one is straight out of the mouth of Kindergarten me who repeated it nonstop when faced with 95% of challenges. *Insert "I am a strong independent women" quote here*
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Multiple personality disorder is a real thing, and it is alive and well in my subconscious. Here are 5 women whose lives I long to steal for 24 hours...given access to a time machine.
  1. 1.
    Julia Child
    Now yes, I just watched Julie and Julia and yes, I desperately hate Julia Child's voice as it now echoes in the emptiness between my ears. BUT...who doesn't want to be a liberal in Europe in the sixties with a talent for eating? If anything I just want to be able to cook French cuisine, and I know everyone is with me on that.
  2. 2.
    Katherine Hepburn
    Another loud classy broad with a weird annoying voice, but I can't help it. These ladies radiate positive, courageous energy and I aspire to walk a day in the shoes of the famous elite of the 1940s? Too much to ask, I think not.
  3. 3.
    Gloria Steinem
    I would actually kill to see the second wave of feminism, bra burning and all. Leading that many women at such a tumultuous time in history would be an honor and would probably make me a much more educated feminist in 2016.
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