Television Shows I've Watched📺

In order from most recently watched to least🤓❤️
  1. New Girl
    Caught up. favorite show. I am Jessica Day. End of story.
  2. Doctor Who
    Caught up. Obsessed. Opened my eyes to so many new worlds: British television, Sci-fi, British Sci-fi. It's a great time.
  3. Once Upon A Time
    Caught up. Confused. I only still watch because I'm super curious and emotionally attached to the characters😅
  4. Thirty Rock
    Halfway through season 4
  5. Dexter
    Just started season 3
  6. Parenthood
    Finished, cried every episode.
  7. Jessica Jones
    Finished, pretty kick ass. I have a great friend who tells me I look like Kristen Ritter, no one agree but it makes my day every time I think about it. Plus I'm in love with David Tennant so.
  8. Fuller House
    Okay who didn't binge watch this over Christmas break?
  9. The Office
    Finished. Great show. Jim and Pam are everything.
  10. Sherlock
    BEST SHOW EVER. There is nothing that can convince me otherwise, just watch it. There might be a new episode in the next 20 years so better catch up quick!
  11. Gilmore Girls
    🎶"Where you lead...I will follow" basically.
  12. The Blacklist
    Still super behind but the first two seasons were super intense👌🏼
  13. Friends