Here are some options. The day is coming! What do I do? Do I care? Help! Suggestions welcomed very much!
  1. Find some hot springs with a bunch of ladies?
  2. Small dinner party with board games/mafia?
  3. Go to Nashville and stay in friend's fixed up airstream?
  4. Drive down to Ensenada with whoever wants to get out of the country?
  5. Rent out a karaoke bar for the night?
  6. Go to Olympic Spa and have them take off all my skin?
  7. House party rager with catered sushi?
  8. Gently sob in a lukewarm shower?
  9. Early morning Olympic Spa with 1 or 2 close friends. Be reborn in the waters & fortified by the salt! Later, a decadent dinner with loved ones. Reflections on your 20s & wishes for your 30s. Go around the table. What does each person wish for you? Honor the ritual. After the thoughtful portion of the evening, jubilant celebration ensues. ✨🎉
    Suggested by @brookielyons
  10. Knock off a bank
    Suggested by @ChrisK