1. "You're not strong! You're silky boys! Silk comes from the butts of Chinese Worms!"
  2. "I got a full-on robot chubby."
  3. "You totally killed us, you evil metal dickweeds!
  4. "I totally loogied on that good, dead me!"
  5. "Hello. Logan Residence. Evil Bill S. Preston Esq. speaking."
  6. "As I wander through this dark and lonely forest of life, surrounded by various beasts... Bears, vipers, squirrels. Not to mention small tree growing lichen, woodpeckers, slugs, gila monsters. Oh no, that's the desert."
  7. "As I swim through this dark and fearful sea of existence, surrounded by various creatures... Sharks, eels, yellowtail, and also barnacles, and algae, man-o-wars, starfish, blowfish, catfish. Uh oooh, that's fresh water."
  8. "I totally possessed my dad!"
  9. "Well the thing is we were pussweeds but now were metal, so get over here and put out!"
  10. "They're from Midieval England, Iowa."