1. My Southern family's catchphrases
  2. How to throw ceramics on the wheel
  3. How to hand build a ceramic pot
  4. Songs and when they meant a lot to me
  5. My great pizza recipe
  6. The weirdest situations I've been in
  7. Why I am in love with Sam Shepard forever
  8. Things my former neighbor did that led to me selling a TV show about her
  9. Beautiful things
  10. Favorite children's books
  11. How to be bad at correspondence
  12. Where is there not dog hair in my house
  13. People I've been on a plane with
  14. Songs that can absolutely get it
  15. Books that can absolutely get it
  16. Things my husband does that make me laugh so hard I cry
  17. Baby names for confused parents
  18. The most beautiful places I've seen
  19. Favorite non-toxic beauty products
  20. What my dogs are afraid of
  21. Favorite coffee shops of the world
  22. Favorite parts of Australia's Gold Coast
  23. Best Edward Gorey books in order of ascending peculiarity
  24. Things that scared me as a child
  25. Teachers who changed my life
  26. Ways my mom is so cool
  27. Items I have wanted so badly
  28. My perfect salad