1. Looking up from the phone in my grubby paws and seeing snowcapped mountains
    Get off your phone little sweetie. I'm saying that to myself. Not to anyone reading this important list.
  2. Ghost stories
    Wild West ghosts, railroad ghosts, creepy cult ghosts, ghosts who drag chairs in Hollywood apartments, ghosts who once ran this town baby.
  3. El Matador. Point Dume. The secret dog beach.
    Driving Las Virgenes and feeling like you're about to hit Toon Town through the tunnels.
  4. The nearly assaulting scent of jasmine that appears in March
    This shows up the same time as the night birds who don't want anyone to sleep. The aggression is beautiful.
  5. The hundreds of parrots inhabiting the palm trees near my home
    What are you guys doing here?! Get back to Narnia!
  6. The wonderful restaurants hidden in strip malls
    Sushi Ike, My Taco, the old Lou spot, unmarked pho.
  7. Fallen jacaranda blooms turning the streets purple
  8. The many secret bodies of water
    I've climbed down ravines, jumped off cliffs, and stumbled upon waterfalls. There is a secret pond at the top of the hike I do most mornings.
  9. An overcast day feels like a gift. A rainy day feels like a celebration.
  10. Having at least one friend with a pool and/or a view of the city.
    Thanks for being successful guys.
  11. The wonderful vintage stores tucked in the canyons
    Hidden Treasures.
  12. Standing at the top of Griffith Park and looking down on the maze
    There's my house! There's someone running from the cops! There's the 5 and it looks bad! There's what could almost be the ocean!
  13. Hidden stairways
    Beachwood Canyon, Silverlake, the tiny hill I live on.
  14. 24 hour badminton/ping pong
  15. Resident weirdos
    The $5 guy who tries to sell disposable cameras and cans of creamed corn on the street in Silverlake, Angelyne, the bird sounds man on the Venice Boardwalk.
  16. The stores in Little Tokyo where you can find puffy stickers, erasers shaped like juice boxes, and a sensible mixing bowl all in one place.
  17. I thought I saw a dead body for the first time
    And then I saw the film crew. Life is surprising.
  18. John Fante and Raymond Chandler
    Making a fictional history feel present in every neighborhood. Fante made me fall in love with downtown.
  19. Watching a stranger have a fit because they saw a celebrity putting change in a meter across the street
    Alex Karpovsky was the subject of this week's stranger on the street fit.
  20. Fairy tale houses
    Little Tudor dreams with stained glass windows and dormers filled with books and high wood ceilings and corners human sized people cannot fit in. Basically where Belle from Beauty and the Beast would live if she weren't in that castle.
  21. Frank Lloyd Wright scattered across the city
  22. Dreamy females who I get to hang with.
    @AlexandraLouise and @nicolemsteel thanks for having beautiful children and letting me chew on their fat cheeks. Thanks for letting me have sleepovers. Thanks for existing!
  23. All the weird cults, past and present
    The Source Family! Jim Jones! The Manson Family! The Alcove in Los Feliz used to be a cult hub? How did I not know this?! Everything is a little creepy here!