Very thorough assembly of future album names for future music projects.
  1. Ask Me About My Hotdog
  2. Bad Breasts
  3. Come On, Don't Break That
  4. Dave's Gentle Touch
  5. Everyone Can't Find Their Keys Sometimes
  6. Free Willie Again Guys
  7. Grab Me A Napkin?
  8. Help This Is Not Mayonnaise I Thought This Was Mayonnaise
  9. Inside Oprah Outside Winfrey
  10. Jesus Looks Clean In Pictures (But His Hair Was Gross)
  11. Keep Your Chin Up, Keep Your Home Life Private Thank You Yes I Do Need A Bag
  12. Lick That, Trust Me
  13. Mario Lopez In A Racecar Bed
  14. Naughty Teens And Their Sad Pets
  15. Open Minded Aunt From Berkeley
  16. Prince Of Insecurity
  17. Query: But Do You Like Me?
  18. Really. I Just Need A Tiny Bit of Validation
  19. Super Simple Question. No Pressure.
  20. Try To Hurt My Feelings Sorry I Meant Try NOT To Hurt My Feelings I Got That Mixed Up
  21. Unlike A Healthy Human, I Am Unable To Self-Validate
  22. Very Quick: Just A Nice Comment About My Physique
  23. Why Am I At This Taco Place Alone? That's Actually Not A Compliment Were You Trying To Make A Compliment?
  24. X Marks The Spot Where I Sit Alone At This Taco Place
  25. You Still Haven't REALLY Answered My Question Do I Have A Mediocre Body
  26. Zanzie Tanzer's Leopard Print Track Jacket.