1. Freshly sharpened pencils
    School supplies all smell so good.
  2. The library
    Books. Germs. Knowledge.
  3. Early morning after a storm
    The earth is good. The air is clean. The pollution is silenced. For now.
  4. Chanel Gardenia
    My grandmother. My high school graduation gift.
  5. My dog's breath
    It's bad. But I like it. Ew.
  6. Waking up to bacon
    Smells like my family.
  7. Waking up to coffee
    Someone made it already? Smells like being cared for.
  8. Amber oil
    But only that one brand I found in New Orleans. I once asked a woman at the SAG office in NY what that scent was. She would not tell me. I stopped a stranger on the street to ask what that smell was. It was like a conspiracy to prevent me from finding it. The Truman Show of perfume scenarios. I found it. OH I FOUND IT.
  9. Tiger Balm
    Smells like hurt so good.
  10. Small health food stores
    Why do they all smell that way?
  11. Catholic Churches on a holiday
    Incense. Piety. Guilt.
  12. Newsprint
    My dad's office. Used to give me a headache. Still like it.
  13. Bullfrog sunscreen
    Oh it's good.
  14. Magee's donuts
    In Lexington, KY. The. Best. Donut.
  15. Gymnasiums
    Victory. Defeat. Humiliation. Triumph. Sweat. Balls?
  16. Baby scalp
    The beginning.
  17. Guy I love when he comes home from a night out
    Like a handsome library cloaked in whiskey and cigar smoke. Is that gross? (No.)
  18. When it starts to snow
    Crisp and heavy.
  19. Cookies in the oven
    Cher Horowitz knew it.
  20. Inside of a new leather bag
    I was vegan for a long time.
  21. Nicorette
    Aunt Cathy.
  22. My nieces after a bath
    But ONLY after a bath. Children stink.
  23. Rubbing alcohol
  24. The cheap plastic they make Hello Kitty stuff with.