There were five beautiful monster children (ages 3-12) at my house eating pizza and watching Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey tonight. This is some stuff they said.
  1. "I was just wondering. Are you allowed to buy a pet and then kill it and eat it?"
  2. "You could kill a skeleton! Could you kill a cow?"
  3. "If you kill your pet cow you might have been sad. What if you didn't mean to kill it?"
  4. "I'm a kitty cat and I'm riding a flying unicorn."
  5. "Can you untie me?"
  6. "Let's play water man."
  7. "I wanna watch Ghost Bastards."
  8. "What if you went somewhere and you weren't wearing shoes and you were naked?"
  9. "I poopeded!"
  10. "Why don't you go ride a roller coaster and throw up because I'm cutting you off."
    This one was last week when my niece was asked what her friend's mom had just said on the phone. It's doubtful that this woman said that to a seven year old, but what do I know about parenting?