Inspired by @Suzanne from whom I stole some of these.
  1. Seeing "Welcome to the Dollhouse" at age 12
  2. My uncle Tony "Balogne Cheese n Macaroni" Scheurer
  3. Edward Gorey
  4. Chevy Chase in "Fletch"
  5. VHS tapes of 80's SNL
  6. Driving aimlessly in high school listening to Cosby's stand up CD's
  7. Catholic school
  8. Space Ghost's "Ghost Planet"
  9. John Bellairs
  10. "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"
  11. Alison Janney in "Drop Dead Gorgeous"
  12. My mom
  13. My cousin Elliott
  14. "Grey Gardens"
  15. Jane Austen
  16. "Twin Peaks"
  17. Kidney stones
  18. "Watcher in the Woods"
  19. Nicole DeMetrick's life size Barbie who became the scapegoat for all our prepubescent rage
  20. Diaryland
    Been too open on the internet since '01. Did anyone else have this?
  21. Mansfield summer camp
  22. Buckwheat Sings
  23. Jesika Allen who is responsible for most of this
  24. AOL Instant Messenger
  25. Gilda Radner
  26. Garrison Keillor
  27. Jane Curtin
  28. "Designing Women"
  29. John Waters
  30. Tim Burton
  31. Moving around a lot as a kid and adapting to new situations and new class clowns
  32. Half the family Jewish half the family Catholic? That's comedy.
  33. Car Talk
  34. Having a mean grandmother
  35. Everything about Kentucky
  36. "I Love Lucy"
  37. Red Skelton
  38. "Hollywood Squares"
  39. Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby in "White Christmas"
  40. Overcompensating for my height
  41. Billy Bingo - a man who runs the bingo night at the beach
  42. Whoever made those GI Joe spoofs that were on College Humor
  43. Christopher Guest
  44. Carol Burnett
  45. Southern liberalism
  46. Richard Brautigan